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Tarot Readings And Spirit Guides
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There are so many tools that are used by psychics to assist them to assist you. Crystal balls, tea leaves, angel cards, runes and the most famous of all is probably tarot cards. But what sometimes people don’t realise is that these tools are just that, tools. Tarot readings and spirit guides go hand in hand.

Cheap Tarot Readings Online

How Spirit Guides Assist Cartomancers

Cartomancers (card readers – and not the electronic type) are assisted by spirit guides all the time. This is how cheap tarot readings online normally work:

  • Some tarot readers deliberately work with spirit guides and they will call upon them before they even touch the cards so that they are present.
  • The caller may pose a particular question or they may just want a general reading.
  • The reader shuffles the 78 cards in her deck and lays them out in a spread that is appropriate to the question being asked.
  • It is thought that even at this stage the reader is being influenced by helpful spirit guides, whether they have called upon them or not. Some people believe that spirit guides are always present helping us along. Some guides may be there to help the caller and some are there to help the reader do her best work.
  • So the spirit guides assist cartomancers to lay out the right cards for the customer.
  • Then during the reading the guides assist the reader in her interpretation of the cards and the delivery of the messages
  • As the reading progresses something very interesting and exciting happens. Whilst the psychic is looking at the cards other messages will come through. And this is the fascinating point about how spirit guides assist cartomancers, they just step into the mind of the reader and give her messages that the customer needs to have. Sometimes the messages are nothing to do with what the customer has asked for. Spirits are good like that. If something is important for you to know they are not going to miss an opportunity to let you know about it.

As you can see tarot readings and spirit guides are very much interlinked and if you are looking for cheap tarot readings online, you won’t just get your cards read by a psychic, your and her spirit guides will be there too!

Tarot Readings And Spirit Guides
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